While a support system of friends and family is very important, finding resources beyond your inner circle can make all the difference in your physical and mental health. This is why FSSA recently launched our Be Well Indiana online resource center.


With so much conflicting information during the pandemic, we are providing Hoosiers with trusted information from a resource guide to crisis coping tools. We explain what to do if you’re sick and the best ways to prevent getting sick. Crisis counseling resources also are available.

Local assistance

Everyone needs help from time to time, whether it’s a financial matter, coping with unemployment, accessing health insurance or finding stable childcare. Be Well Indiana offers helpful information and links to resources — including IN 2-1-1, which also provides a wide variety of local assistance.


Resources are also available to help Hoosiers maintain mental health and well-being. Tips for self-care help you feel better, and then you can help others. You will also find information for children, teens and families. Information regarding such issues as domestic violence is also available.

Personal and community support improves health outcomes. Learn more about the Be Well Indiana program.

About Communities

Community is vital to our well-being. When we form communities with family, friends and co-workers, we are able to support one another and share experiences as well as struggles. We have a greater sense of purpose and belonging as part of a community. And this, in turn, makes us feel safe and secure, positively impacting our health. When we lack a strong community, we struggle to find support. We are more likely to suffer from loneliness and isolation, which can lead to poorer health outcomes. Lack of community can also decrease willpower and resilience and lead to unhealthy behaviors. It’s easy to see how community connections are a fundamental part of living a full and healthy life.