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Building blocks for better futures

The earlier children have access to educational opportunities, the better their health outcomes are likely to be. That’s because early developmental opportunities provide a foundation for children’s academic success, health and general well-being.

3 ways education impacts health

Americans with more education live longer and have healthier lives, according to the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University. Preparing for higher education during primary and secondary school years lays the foundation for future success.

Bias and student performance

Implicit bias can shape both teacher expectations and student performance. This is important to understand because whether or not—or how much—a teacher believes in students and expects them to succeed has been shown to affect how well that student does in school.

A pathway to success

Education is the clearest pathway out of poverty and can lead to a healthier life. At The Excel Center, a program of Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana, adult learners are finding that path is still accessible to them.